at the moment im leaning towards a duncan sh-2 and sh-6 combo in a basswood bodied rg without a trem. i want to hear what you guys might consider versatile sets of pickups for primarily fusion and progressive metal. if it helps id like good coil tapped sounds, ceramic magnet in the bridge and alnico V in the neck, and clarity and sustain. plz dont go off topic and bring up the tone is in your hands and bla bla bla. if the rest of the gear matters im going to buy a digitech gsp 1101. thanks in advance peeps
I don't think the SH-2 is an Alnico V Humbucker. It has a great tone, but it's not exactly high output.
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yea its alnico...and i know the outputs not the highest but from what i remember it got the job done. do you think im better off with an sh-1
An SH-1 has slightly higher output than the SH-2, believe it or not. The SH-2 does have an alnico magnet, but it's not the Alnico V, which is the highest output second to Ceramic. The SH-2 has smoother response, however, and is more suitable for liquid lead tones found in Progressive music, IMO.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
hmmm i see...i dont really have much experience with the sh-1 but i was very fond of the sh-2 when i had one. in the bridge i was debating the sh-6 and sh-5. it seems the sh-6's title of distortion throws me off a bit at times
The SH-5 isn't that high of an output either. The SH-6 is gonna be the best of those two. Look at other ones, also. Check out PEtrucci's bridge pickup.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
yea i was thinking of just getting petruccis pickup set as i also have a liquifire and love it.
Any PAF or hot PAF is going to be able to do pretty well any genre.
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very true bubb tubbs. that reminds me of paul gilberts pickups. hes using air classics now for just about everything. but then again im not him...=/
bubb tubbs is right, the humbucker is just one of those things that was done right the first time. gibson should have never changed things up, now everyone and their mother is spending an obscene amount of money to recreate that tone.
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