I've been looking at two pedals which are:

-Boss ML-2 Metal Core
-Digitech XMM Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

I play things like August Burns Red, blessthefall, The Devil Wears Prada, mostly metalcore or whatever you would want to call it.
I also sometimes play things like blink-182 or all time low. (but i dont think these pedals would work for that, but it doesnt matter.)

which pedal do you guys think I should get, I am definitely getting better at playing, and am getting more into things like August Burns Red!

so if you guys could help me that would really help!
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Digitech Hardwire Metal Distortion
Barber Dirty Bomb
EHX Metal Muff

Personally I'd go for the Metal Muff for the genres you're playing, though if you like harsher distortion you may want a MXR Fullbore Metal.
if you're needing a pedal to get those tones, that means your amp is most likely the source of the problem. i'm 99% sure you just need an amp that can hit these tones, not a pedal that will sound good for about a week.
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