This beauty is only two months old. Hardly played, and the only flaw is a tiny little impression (not a fracture of any kind) along the edge of the toggle switch's control cover. There's also a tiny bit of pick scratching on the pickguard, but that's par for the course. Otherwise, its perfect and in like new condition (let's call it 99.99%).

Its seriously gorgeous and has an awesome weight to it. The tone is just amazing, as you've probably heard about these things.

I'm just not a Gibson guy, although I thought I might be... I'm looking for other high end guitars.

Custom builds

Multiple guitars, or stuff and cash deals will work... basically, just PM me with any sort of offer you have - I'm open minded.

I'll see outright for $2600 if someone wants to buy it - I realize this is a really low price for a brand new LP Custom, but I could use the cash.
Quote by mrrman
isnt this the 2nd ad posted here for the same guitar??

It is - last deal fell through so this is available again.
Don't suppose you'd be interested in my EC1000 plus cash? It was a long shot for straight trades, I know.
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