i hav just started playing bass ......now i hav to buy a book .....so wat's it gonna be....HAL LEONARD BASS METHOD COMPLETE EDITION (books 1,2 & 3) BASS GUITAR FOR DUMMIES.........hoping to get gud solution
dont have experience with the bass guitar for dummies... but hal leonard is what i grew up on guitar with, theyve been around for a long time, and a lot of people use them, so thats what i would go with personally
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I had a Billy Sheenan one, and it was awesome, but apart from that I don't really know.
That was a more advanced technique one tbh.
Look around, theres bound to be one for you.
Billy Sheehan has at least two DVDs with matching books, and they are both pretty good. They are also not expensive. For a more comprehensive DVD for beginning bass, try Stu Hamm's Stu Hamm Bass Guitar Basics. It is a good one, and Stu Hamm is a legendary player.

The Hal Leonard books are industry standards and worth picking up, too.