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Can someone please tell me a website that you can browse most settings for guitar effects pedals, so you can store the settings in your pedal and get the correct sound for the song, I have been looking for ages and can find a website to get these settings, can you please give me the link?

Thanks heaps.
which pedal do you want settings for?

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There is no such thing, and even if there was it would be pretty useless. A single pedal will not get you a certain tone, it depends on your amp and guitar as well. Unless you're trying to get the sound of someone who actually uses the same pedal you have, you wont get their tone.
all you can realy do is look at the artists rig and then try figure out the settings and what effects they're using
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Another method is to find the artist whose rig is the most similar to yours, and try to fully understand how each stage of their signal chain, amp, and pickups interact to produce the sound you're hearing. To do this you must know what exactly is in their rig, in what order, and you need to know the PURPOSE of each pedal, guitar, amp, etc. Simple is often better, but to get good tone...you pretty much have to some research on equipment, then basically just go by your ear to create a pleasant tone that works FOR your sound, rather than going the other way around. Guitarists like The Edge and Tom Morello (two of my FAVORITES, don't get me wrong!) rely entirely too much on their effects to get the sounds they seek. This is okay...but know that once you take the delay pedal and the whammy away from them, that sound is no more. All that's left is the tone of the amp and guitar. However, if you get a sound you love from the amp and guitar alone, then you can use the effects more subtly and less often, giving them a more drastic "EFFECT"--that's what they're meant for--than if you used them all the time. Also, there is nothing more musically satisfying than to have a good, solid basic tone consisting of your guitar + amp + a well-set EQ on the amp. Once you've mastered this, simply turn the knobs on your effects one by one, starting at 12:00 or 10:00, one knob at a time. You will find your sound.
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