Ok, so the guitar in this picture is a Fender Showmaster, I know that much

The thing is, I have a Washburn guitar that's absolutely identical-looking to this showmaster, all except the headstock which is round the other way (but I can tell the neck has been replaced at some point). It has a Washburn plate on the back with a serial number.

I can't post a photo of my exact guitar as my camera isn't working at the moment but it is identical to this one, exact shape, layout of knobs, same pick-up config. (but mine's red not black)

I really want to find out the model number of this guitar if I can. My guess is that it was made in the late 70's but not 100% sure.

If anyone could shed some light on this that would be totally awesome, thanks

(PS, it's even got a very similar bridge and tremelo system, but the trem arm itself is missing)
Nope, but from googling your answer, I found a picture of a G2V in someone's collection, right next to one like mine... the G-JR-V

You're a legend, thanks mate