So yeah, we recorded this in my friends home basement, and we had a bit of a time constraint, so there's a few things here or there that are off time and stuff, but overall, any comments? I'm aware the drums are a little muffled, but that's the best we could get with the mics we had at the time. Oh, and any comments on the solo at 2:51? (Main thing I was curious about lol)


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To be honest I couldn't tell what was going on, due to the quality, I'd like to hear it with better quality though Im sure it kicks some ass. I always like to hear what the solo is playing over and I couldn't really tell, standing alone though I thought it was pretty sick...
So first, the drums are too loud for the track, they're overpowering the other instruments, which are already pretty quiet. The whole track sounded a bit muffled to me as well, not just the drums, but I can understand the financial constraints of basement Eddies. Also, right before the solo, you kinda kill the groove, there's some pause and I really think that takes away from the built up energy the song had going for the solo, not sure it that was just a recording/tempo error, but that should definitely be something improved.

The solo was great but for the generally feel for the song it felt a little slow, also considering how the intro seemed to be at a faster pace which kinda set the song at a faster pace then the solo, so it took away from the climax it should have been. Also I think a more complex and faster lick would really work wonders for the solo, try more arpeggios patterns or maybe using some linear tapping licks?

However, I really like the song, it has some great potential but like most who start out, it needs to be worked on.

Dude, sorry if I sounded like an asshole, I was just trying to give you an honest and productive critique.

Crit mine?
Not at all! You don't sound like an asshole at all, I like getting criticism. It helps, a lot.
The drums are wayyyyyyy loud! If you mixed it a little better and EQ'd maybe add some reverb and a compressor it would really help a lot. It also seemed out of time at places.

The guitar tone was way to bright also, add some more bass and low mid. Or EQ it but the amp would prolly help more.

Solo was great but I couldn't hear anything else. And sounded a bit low

Don't mean to sound like a jerk, I just notice these things

crit mine?