hey, ive been thinking about grabbing a cheap reverb for my HT-5 i use at uni (i have an ac30 at home, and love the reverb) and wondering would this be good? a korg gated spring reverb unit


is it useable as a standalone reverb in my effects loop?
it just needs to be useable, not expecting some amazing reverb at that price, but for such a low bid, why not have a look?

or if anyone in england (preferably the london/ SE area) could help me plow the used markets for a good detail many thanks and possible e-cookies will be given!

there was also a danelectro corned beef or fab echo pedal on there for dirt cheap, opinions?
obviously i dont want a pedal that will destroy my tone!

id like bluesy reverb tones to make my cleans sound nicer on my HT-5, but more in your face reverbs are also nice! i like radiohead, brand new, modest mouse, dinosaur jr, BB king, jeff buckley etc
im not aiming to spend too much as im a student, but i have got christmas money id rather not waste on stupid things like food =P

edit: oh, and while im at it, i got a big muff tone wicker a while back, and its still running on bateries, but is it ok to use off a standard boss style 9v adapter? i wasnt sur if its got the same grounding, and i know the regular big muffs arents great with adapters, cheers
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