hey guys i have just finished another new song.

its a very barebones acoustic track that i wrote and recorded today. unfortunately i only have one mic and this is a live recording so the mix is what it is unfortunately, but i may do a proper recording in the future.

the singing is a little iffy at times but i hope its not too cringe worthy. anyway its called Sold on my profile, please have a listen and tell me what you think and of course i will gladly crit you back.

take care
I liked the chords you're using, not sure why, but has an interesting sound to it as well as the vocal melody. I agree that the levels should be a little tweaked, sounds pretty thing, there sounds like there is very little bass. Not sure if that's because you're playing on only the first 4 strings or just how it recorded, but either making the chords more full to give a bass to it or added in a seperate bass track would really make the song more melodic.

I felt the song was too repetitive, and the chord changes were really subtle, didn't sound like there was a chorus in the song, just a lot of verses so it kinda felt long and bland because of the constant chords that were being used and the vocal melody. Try adding in some transitions and then get into a chorus that will grab the listener, or maybe just shorten the song unless it has a story, because I had trouble making out most of the words.

Has potential because of the chords and vocal melody but seems like it's missing something. Nice job.

Crit mine?