Well, I say overdue because I got the amp on the 23rd of December! Im expecting some hating on crate to ensue.

Hagstrom Super Swede FYI

The cabinet is old, got it last year for cheap and it sounds great.

The new part is the combo on top. It's a Crate v50, 50 watt tube. I've been searching for a new head for a long time now, and decided to start looking for a combo as it's easier to transport and it takes up less space if I want to bring it to a jam sesh. I found this on a local ad for $225 bucks, and the guy lived just around the corner. It was brand new in box from last year (literally, opened once, played once, put back in box). After a bit of playing and talking, I took it home for $200 and couldn't be happier.

The v50 provides me with some really nice clean tones, and if I want to get some distortion, I just switch to the overdrive channel and hit the boost. It really does deliver some mean distortion, I didn't think it had it in it. However, the reverb on it is quite strong, turn it anywhere past 2-3 and it's a bit out of hand.

The fact that both parts are crate is coincidence, found both for unbeatable prices. Together they sound fantastic! Needless to say, I am very pleased with my purchase!
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Congratz! I love the V series.
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