Ok, so I'm a junior and I took the ACT and got a 26. A 29 on everything but my math, which i got a 19. If I take it again and on my math i do better, but everything else i do worse, will my 29s stay the same? Bc i know if you do worse overall, you keep your higher score....

idk if that makes sense to you, but thanks if you can answer it!
They always take your highest marks for each subject.
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Depends on which schools you apply to. Some will take the best out of all your testings' individual subjects, some will take your best composite score.
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Some places take all the subscores off the test with the highest composite. Others use all the highest subscores. I don't think you need to worry about subscores, to be honest, though. Just work on getting that composite up--which means working on your maths!

Here's my recommendation.

Take the June one this year, once you've finished the year's maths. Then, if still you aren't happy, take another one NO LATER THAN OCTOBER, December if you absolutely must. Work on trig stuff in the mean time, I spose.


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It depends on your college. Some will let you mix and match your scores and some won't.
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