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define "not bank breaking"
whats your price limit?

Under £50
Delta Lab SC-1 is good, if you can get your hands on it in the uk.

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look for a used digitech multi voice, even new they were 90, but best bang for you buck, when my rack system went down it was one of the first pedals back on my board, not expensive pretty good lush tone, to be fair though im not much for EH stuff, so im bias, boss are always good, a tad pricier than the digitech, i really liked the liqoud chorus from the same company that made the jekyll and hyde pedal too, the name spaced me. check those out, try out an EH too just because i dont like it doesnt mean you wont.
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I bought a BOSS CE-3 Chorus for £40 (probs be cheaper on an auction). Many people say that it's inferior to the CE-2 chorus (which is supposed to be the chorus of the chorus), but really there's only like 6 components which can be replaced easily, which differ between them. There's loads of them floating around too.

On top of that, most people can't tell the difference anyway.
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