Do you have these problems when just singing?

Edit: I can almost guarantee your problem is that you're just focusing more on playing the guitar, and not focusing on breathing properly, especially with your diaphragm. Not to be an ass, but you seem to be struggling with the guitar at times, so your mind is much more preoccupied with that.

Try practicing the song on JUST guitar more, and make sure you know that like the back of your hand, and THEN focus on both. It's honestly the most effective way of learning to play and sing.
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no i dont really have this problem when just singing solo
yeah i think ill work on my guitar skills
Try singing with something extremely simple on guitar. Just open chords or power chords, with straight rhythms. That way you can just go into auto-pilot on guitar, and focus on singing well. Or you could try to play the vocal melody, as that's less confusing.
can't believe nobody's pointed this out, but your voice is VERY breathy
now don't get me wrong, I think you sound great with that tone, but if you're letting that much air out when you sing you're bound to have breathing problems
there's a nice vid on youtube by eric arcenaux about avoiding too much of a breathy sound when you sing, look that up and a few other exercises about getting more "cord closure" when you sing