so Ive got a mim standard strat, im looking for more output, my notes are just missing that sweet spot and need that extra little kick to make the amp scream. id like to stick with fender pups, im looking at the custom shop 69s, think they will do the trick?? id like to keep a hendrix type sound with them obviously fender is the way to go. just wondering which are best for my application. thanks a lot ug forumers
i dont know much about the 69's but the texas specials are supposed to be pretty nice. they've got a bit more power than stock. i've heard great things about them.
sounds like you need fender texas specials, i put a set on my mia strat and have been amazed by them.

what gauge strings are you using - heavier sets give a deeper tone.
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Could it be your intonation? Sometime it'll kill the wavelength at a certain point and you won't get that great Fender ring.