Ok so goin to a bar on a few minutes and I need some tips on how to get some lol
Any advice would help
P.S. this is what the alphabet would look like without the letters Q and R
You go up to the counter and ask nicely for some drinks... and then you get some. Was it that fucking hard?
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Stop asking an off-topic forum for real world advice?
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if you don't know how to have fun at a bar, don't go
Simple, do what everyone who uses terms like "get some" does.

Step 1: Go to bar

Step 2: Get blind drunk

Step 3: Go home

Step 4: Call your friend the next day and lie to them about the hot chick you like totally nailed.

Step 5: Listen to their lies about the hot chick they like totally nailed

Step 6: Cry over breakfast when you realize your life is a lie

Step 7: Exchange a knowing look with your co liars at the bar the next evening

Step 8: see Step 2.
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Stare directly at boobs.
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dress nicely, don't be ugly, say things that make people laugh, and lower your standards.
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and lower your standards.

that my friend is the key to any bar successes
it's just like fishing
whip it out and wait for a bite
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You're a good man. I was waiting for somebody to step up with the obligatory "I come blood" reference.

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goddammit. I'm going to bed. You win good sir.

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Step 1. un-zip pants

Step 2. place your wang over your wrist

Step 3. ask a girl to read your watch for you

Step 4. tell her its one d!ck past your first pubes

Lolz will ensure
If you came to the pit for advice on how to get some from a chick at a bar, you should probably just stay at home and troll the forums because you're not going to get any no matter how hard you try.
Be generous, with everything.
And if you do 'get some', take some safety measures, such as condom and checking if vagina is present.