Can anyone refer me to a site, or give me instructions, on how to build a fuzz pedal? I've never done this before, but I've always been interested in building my own gear. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
Hey man, check out the links in the beginning of the pedal building thread. They'll have plenty there for you.

a mod will probably close this since there's plenty of info in that thread. a link to it can be found in the central hub
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It absolutely doesn't get any easier than this: http://smallbox.zeonhost.com/projects/fface/
It could

@OP There's several voicing to fuzz pedals. They aren't all the same, though when most people think of fuzz, they think of a fuzzface or a big muff. BMs aren't that complicated (especially if you get a PCB, which you can make or buy off the internet).
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It could

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