I was thinking in going for rack pre-amp + multi FX for portability reasons.

As for power-amp i won't get it soon because they are easily over 400e, so i was thinking in a combo for home practice and to plug in the pre-amp + multi fx rack.

When in the studio i'd use my pre-amp with my home settings but in the studio's PA, which hopefully will keep a bit my tone.

Anyway, i know marshall jmp-1 and the ada mp-1, both are great but i wonder which one is better for old school thrash\black\death?

or should i go other way?

any help appreciated
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So basically you just want to know which marshall pre-amp is better for thrash metal? Well to my ears the jmp-1 is an all around better pre-amp, but that is very subjective. There are a few other factors to look into, the big one being your power amp, that will shape your tone a lot. Honestly if your going for some type of metal, you should really keep your options open. Dont get tunnel vision on just one pre-amp company. Look into engl, mesa or carvin pre-amps. They are all around more versatile in most cases. But like I said... very subjective.
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The ADA MP1 was well used by many people for just what you want back in the day. You will want to look for a modded one as Im not sure how a bog standard one would sound for the really heavy stuff.
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