hey guys, today i went to youtube and found this video

i was thinking about getting a tuner, but i saw this video and i want this specific tuner, because tuning my Kelly with FR will be much easier, and i think a lot of other people with locking bridges will find it useful too.

However, I've found no other information on it, and google takes me to another guitar forum with this same question asked. some guy said it could be a future TC Electronic pedal he saw on Guitar World but i dont buy GW, so i am not sure :/ and the TC electronics website says nothing about it

so, does anyone know something about this pedal? How much do you think it will cost?

Wow... that looks awesome. Probably gonna cost more than the other popular pedal tuners (Korg Pitchblack, etc.)
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Looks cool. I've never heard of anything like that before.
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Yeah in the issue of GW with John Mayer on the front, i saw this today. Not actually interested... I like my TU-2...
But yeah TC Electronics.
I really like the idea, but i'd rather just quickly adjust my tuning with a tu-2.
Idk, some could think its cool. Just not my thing i guess.
Just saw the video then Googled it lol. I will probably buy one.
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Just saw the video then Googled it lol. I will probably buy one.

Same, just depends on how much it costs.
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every guitarist should be able to identify which string is out without a pedal telling you, the redeeming features on this pedal is the strobe mode and the fast tracking...

i like my peterson strobostomp.....
Pretty cool pedal, I might actually buy it when it comes out if it's cheap.

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