I recently bought a Ibanez guitar and have been playing it fine for a few days. But just today I picked it up to play it and when ever i play the 3,2, or 1 strings the 5 and 6 strings start to buzz even though i didnt play them. Its VERY annoying!!! i appriciate any information that could help me.
thanks in advance.
You might not be muting properly. You can mute the strings below the one you're playing with your palm or the side of your thumb. Whatever works. FP explains it tons better than I can. Check out his video and see if it helps.

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Practice, it's just a symptom of being completely unable to play the guitar - everybody starts like that.

Be patient, take things really slowly and just focus on getting used to the thing. Don't even bother attempting single note things yet, it's not going to happen. Start with open chords, learn A E and D and just play around trying to strum them, focussing on fretting them so all the notes ring cleanly.
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this started happening to me after 2-3 weeks of playing then aorund 2-3 months my hand naturally started palm muting the otehr strings