I recently bought a Ibanez guitar and have been playing it fine for a few days. But just today I picked it up to play it and when ever i play the 3,2, or 1 strings the 5 and 6 strings start to buzz even though i didnt play them. Its VERY annoying!!! i appriciate any information that could help me.
thanks in advance.
This could be your action, bridge position, or your truss rod MAY need to be adjusted... It could be so many things!

Go Here and read the first few posts and see if you can find any tips to set up your guitar there. If you're still having problems then i'm sure if you posted then the peeps would be happy to help you out!!

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it might be your technique.
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it's probably your bridge being too low, if you bring it up more by tuning the strings sharp, all of the strings too if you do just one it will mess you up (don't worry it'll even out if you do them all about the same amount of turns) it'll pull your bridge up.
Do you mean buzz, or vibrate? By vibration I mean like when you play those strings, and they vibrate to make noise.

Buzz is a setup issue. Vibration is technique.
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