And I'm kind of struggling with it because I'm in standard tuning and the song is in drop c. When I do actually tune into the right alternate tuning its usually not that hard but I just want to try to work on it in standard. Is it really even worth the trouble of staying in standard tuning or should I just go into drop c. I'm not trying to be exact but I want to improve my ear so I'm trying to work it out in standard tuning.
If you want to work on your ear you are going to want to be as close to how its going to be when you are really going to play it. Yeah, you could play a song that is half step down in standard. You will learn how to play it and everything, but you will get a little more out of being able to attribute your memory of the song to what you are playing. That's why when people ask "Should I get a capo for xxxxx" my answer is "Just go get a capo."

Best thing to do would be to just shove it in drop C every time. Save time by learning several drop C songs at a time rather than going back and forth every day.
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thanks, I agree with you on that one. I have a capo actually and the only fault I see with that is that you lose 6 frets by putting it into drop c with it as apposed to just tuning it.