inb4 vista sucks, I know

So I happened to be playing Rome: Total War, happily minding my own business taking over the Meditaranian world when all of a sudden - oh no! - my computer crashes because it's overheating. This has happened before, so I'm not too worried. This time, however, after Vista starts up and I log in, I am told that my version of Vista has expired.


Now I am being told I need an activation key to get vista to work. Which I don't have. Because the last time vista was installed on this computer, Toshiba (never buy) had it for repair. Because it had crashed, and wouldn't start up.

So basically, what can I do? I am able to access internet, and that's it.
I have a Toshiba with Vista and it runs fine, I don't get the hate

If you need the key for Vista, try calling Microsoft
Call support.

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