I just started playing bass for a new band, and while I'm used to playing with my fingers, most of there music aside from a few songs pretty much require me to use a pick. While I'm more of a guitarist and dont know much about how bass players view each other, I've always been under the impression that you generally should use ur fingers if you expect to get any respect from other bass players. How much truth is there to this? Honestly, it is so much easier to use a pick, but should i try to use my fingers as much as possible? This may seem like a stupid thread but this is something that i've seriously been wondering. Im not exactly dependent on what other people think of me, but i want to be able to gain as much respect as possible from other musicians....
I use a pick when I feel I need to attack the notes a lot harder than I could ever do with my fingers. But since I have played with my fingers for about 4 years, it feels weird playing with a pick but yeah, if it sounds good, you'll still get respect. Just look at Matt Freeman of Rancid
Whatever feels more comfortable, i use my fingers for almost everything unless i want to play SUUUUUUUUPER fast then i'll use a pick.
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but, if you want to use a pick then do it. Who cares what other people think about how it gets done as long as the sound is right.
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