hello, I am as of 5 minutes ago new to UG, and I have joined to ask questions I have yet to find answered to my liking and to join a community thats been helpful even before i joined. Yes, the questions may have been answered but i found conflicting and/or limited information. And before anyone gets mad or feels bad, i understand this thread will be diverse and varied and most likely off subject, but thats ok isn't it? ALSO! give me your much more expert opinions on my overall creation please. The body is ash witha dark stain and chrome hardware and black pickguard/spring cover fyi. And if you can think of a clever name to call this beast please give me a suggestion. *Pic Included is a unfinished concept*

Question 1. I am getting Strat Body from GF, and when I get the money I wish to use Tele Neck, I have seen this question countless times never answered to my liking. I know it can, but what is required for it to work? List all ideas please .

Question 2. I am using Kurt Cobains Preffered pickup combo (DiMarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge, and DiMarzio PAF PRO in the neck) With Jimmy Pages Wiring Plan For all the combinations and tones. Anyone have any experience with these opinions in difficulty in producing this (my dads an electrical engineer doing the work), the overall end result (sound, tones and diversity). I also plan on using the schottky diode overdrive idea I read on a seperate thread (yes my pickgaurd will be crowded )

To sum it all up, I want the Strat body and trem, with a tele neck (playability preference), and a major diversity in passive sounds to enable me to play anything, but most importantly blues rock, punk and grunge . My tele is amazing but no rock beast (someday it'll have texas specials and a 4 way switch ).
1. The GF tele neck pocket and strat neck pocket are the same, and on the tele necks it says they're made for a strat neck pocket.

2. If your dad is an electrical engineer and you have all the right diagrams you should have no trouble.
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1. The GF tele neck pocket and strat neck pocket are the same, and on the tele necks it says they're made for a strat neck pocket.

Thanks, by the way we are both refering to guitarfetish right? and the neck you mention is that guitarfestish too or any tele neck? Because I prefer a real already cut and finished tele neck.
Everything in for question 1 in my post was from guitarfetish.

Are you getting a Fender tele neck or a Guitarfetish tele neck?
ATM I only have enough for the body, pickguard and electronics. When I get the money I'll Buy a neck brigde, and gotoh's. I am no wood worker So I would prefer a neck already cut to a tele head stock and finished (I dont think guitar fetish carries that)

ALSO! are bass and guitar pots interchangable, I want a concentric control pot and I can only find replacements for a '62 J bass
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A quick note about the Strat body and tele necks. Normally these are not compatible without modification. Since my explanation isn't clear without proper images, just take a peek at this website: http://www.warmoth.com/Guitar/Necks/faq2.aspx.

However, it could be that GuitarFetish necks and bodies fit regardless of shape. But keep in mind that if you were to use a neck from another brand/guitar it will not fit. It's not a major surgery, but you will need to get some tools out and possibly need to refinish a small part of the neck, depending on how far it sticks out of the pocket.
check allparts.com and wdmusic.com

they both have concentrics.
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