Hi guys, I'm hoping to buy a new guitar within the next couple of months. At the moment I have a Jackson js30rr and I can't decide whether to opt for the
Ibanez XPT700XH Xiphos or the rr24. The kind of stuff I'm playing at the moment is BFMV, Lamb of God, August Burns Red, All that Remains, Children of Bodom, SoaD. However I do invisage this guitar lasting me for quite a while and soon, once I have improved certain areas of my guitar playing, I hope to learn some prog metal/ mathcore stuff eg. BTBAM, Human Abstract, Nevermore, Scar Symmetry, SiKth, Protest the Hero, Sybreed, Xereth, Architects etc. So any advice at all about the pros and cons of each guitar, the suitability of the guitars for the stuff I'm playin or want to play etc. would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
if you can, go for an esp/ltd SV, which is their interpretation of the rr
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Cheers for the reply man I looked up the esp sv-ii and it is over double the price of these guitars :S but I am considering perhaps saving for longer to get it. What is better about the sv as opposed to the rr or the xiphos?
I would go for the Ibanez I highly prefer D-Activators to an EMG-81, it has a neck pickup which is always nicer.
And you can show of with 27 frets.

The only downside on this one is that the RR24 has a better tremolo.
the xyphoz has a useless trem, in a few years it will wear out and need replacement. Id say look into some ltd's or go with the jackson
I bought a XPT700 a while back when it was just £450. The RR24 was £600 at the time.

Now that the Ibanez is £600 also, I'd probably choose the RR24.
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