So I was thinking about getting guitar rig and wondered if you needed the audio interface. My friend thinks you can just use a DI box. Or can you plug straight in to the computer? Help with this would be greatly appriciated! Cheers
I don't know what a DI box is, but I can tell you plugging it straight into your computer will most likely cause heavy latency which makes it impossible to play. I have an audio interface, Tascam US-122L, it was somehere around 100 euros I believe and it works great. Just install and go .

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Get the session IO box with it. I have it with GR4, no lag.
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It works quite okay with a standard PC soundcard. I used it for some time with a Sound Blaster Live Value, which is the cheapest SB Live card ever... and had about 10 - 20ms latency in a whole.
It works quite well with the onboard sound too, though you'll have to download and install a software called ASIO4ALL (it's free), which adds ASIO functions to any cheap Windows audio device. A friend uses it this way and seems more or less happy. At least it's a quite good alternative, if you can't buy an audio interface at the moment.

Anyways, you'll get even lower latency (i'm at 8ms from input to output including processing the sound), if you get an audio interface. I'm happy with my NI Session I/O, which included Guitar Rig 3 XE (smallest version with least amount of amps and effects), Kore Player (good drum machine for use with midi files) and Cubase 4LE (which is enough for music production in most cases), my friend is happy with his Tascam (some model, don't know which, it came without Guitar Rig, but included Cubase 4LE).

I've got it down to <6ms latency using onboard Realtek sound, 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo. You can plug straight into a line in and it will sound fine. But if you try that, and like Guitar Rig, it's well worth upgrading to a much higher quality USB interface.
Im using IK multimedia STEALTHPLUG for amplitube and guitar rig stuff . theres no latency .

ive install ASIO4ALL drivers and i have no latency . the stealthplug is a bit expensive ( 100 $ ) but work great .
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