I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II that is a thin body knock-off of a Gibson Les Paul. It doesn't have a carved top and instead of being made of mahogany, it is made of alder (or maybe basswood, I'm not entirely sure) which we all know is a brighter sounding wood. I like the tone already but I want to make some modifications. I know of course that it will never sound quite like a real Les Paul but I just want to fatten the tone. Any suggestions?
current amp?

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You have a Marshall MG 15, right? Really, getting a better amp will make all the difference. I suggest taking your guitar to some local shops and seeing what you like. If you're dead set on keeping the amp, perhaps an equalizer will help. It isn't worth it to change your pickups with your current amplifier.

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Definately save up for a new amp.

thats 80 percent of your tone right there.

you don't have a very good amp (in my opinion but you may love it).

your not gonna get a much fatter sound than what you are already getting

1998 Squier Affinity Stratocaster


Peavey Valve king 112

Money is just paper, but it affects people like poetry.
The problem for the fatness of your tone isn't the amp as suggested, it's the speaker in the amp.
I modded my MG15 and put it through a 2x12 and it sounds a hell of a lot better.
Also, with the right settings an MG can sound great
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That's purely amp tone.
Onboard reverb and drive if i remember rightly.
I'm not sure quite how much fatter you want your tone to be, but a thicker set of strings may help. Just going up to 10's on mine, made a noticeable difference in regards to "fatness".

Obviously a better amp or improving your current amp will reap greater rewards, as has been suggested, but you may not want to spend that sort of cash
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For better bass response:

New pickups -> overdrive pedal with level at 10, gain at 0, and tone biased towards bass -> EQ pedal with bass frequencies boosted -> decent amp with 12" speakers.
Ya, pickups won't do much, I have a Epiphone Special II too! (But mines black) and a Marshall MG100HFX, which is the newer version. The amp itself isn't bad, but I just got some EMG-X's and I feel like through that amp, the stock pickups were better.

So I would agree with the man that said get a new cab, but I have plugged my head straight into a computer and it didn't sound that great. So pickups may not do it, but maybe a tube head a just a small 1x12 or 2x12 to run it through with some good speakers.

You may want to look into a small orange or a black heart because those are fairly cheap tubes.

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