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Please check out www.myspace.com/atomred to hear our new song Elora

It was recorded with an old mic we fixed up and mixed in adobe audition. Vocsls at the start are a bit off and we are going to re-record them. Style is alternative melodic rock. Any feedback would be great, we are happy to return feedback on your stuff if you like.

Its a full song with gat bass drums and vocals

Thanks for listning
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It's pretty good, everything sounds a little muffled, and the treble on the guitar is to high. The vocals are off at some points.

But overall it's pretty decent
This song is pretty sweet, but I didn't like the tone on the guitars because it's extremely distorted so sometimes it's hard to hear what the guitars are playing to be honest, just tune the distortion down a bit. The vocals sound tight but when the second one comes in sometimes they are off with each other so that's one area you guys can work on. The drums were pretty quiet too for my likings. The pause in vocals between around 1 minute mark and 1:40 sounded a bit long for me, too long to go without vocals unless you add in a solo there.

I really like the riff at the beginning, reminds me of a Perfect Circle to be honest, a lot. Take that how you will but that's the impression I actually get.
Song is tight though, good job guys.

One thing... where's the rockin' solo man?
Stuff is good dude. Obviously your "recording equipment" needs some work, but the song has great potential... the only real suggestion is that the vocals are kind of yelled rather than sung at some points, and I think it detracts from the musicality of the song. You can get some power from vocals without them being yelled, give it a shot.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Can defiantly see what you mean about the distortion thing will be sure to fix that when we record this with a better mic. Drums were recorded with the mic attached to one of the walls and we basically just jammed out the song so found it pretty hard to get them clear. To the perfect circle comment, we are actually huge fans of them so we take that as a compliment but will def try not to sound to much like them lol. Vocals are defiantly weak point to as we aren't really singers, just doing it for the mean time to have full songs. We will be chucking up some more songs in the coming days, we would really appreciate some feedback on those too. May even throw a solo in the mix lol
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Not too bad, not sure how it was recorded but it was decent enough to hear the song well. Did sound much like just a live performance.

Overall I didn't care for the song, but that doesn't mean I thought negative about it.
The vocals were rather interesting, I like the instrumental part about 1 minute through the song.
The drums were awesome especially.
The part where the drums drop out is cool too.
Your guitar tone could be a bit tighter and a bit thicker maybe.

When you go back to acoustic later I found myself to like the song a bit more.. but I know it's a bitch to record a distorted guitar amp..

Oh wow, I just read "The recordings we've done have been from a $10 mic that was destroyed during drunken jamming and rebuilt so we could record our songs and a drum kit that's older than your mums old lady."

10 dollar mic?
That's pretty wow recording quality in that case!

But yeahh, overwell was pretty good. Keep it up. =D
To be honest after reading these posts I didn't have very high expectations, but I actually like this! There are plenty of ways to improve of course but its a solid song idea
I like the intro, vocals have a good tone to them they could be a little more accurate in places, but its not too noticeable. The first time you go to distortion the vocals are layered and it sounds a little awkward. Obviously you have limitations with your recording equipment I think this could sound much better if it was clearer and mixed better. I don't mind the sort of sludgy distortion of the guitar but the tone isn't thick enough and I think there is too much treble because listening to it no matter what note you play it all sounds too similar if that makes sense. Try to go for a more dynamic tone.
Honestly though I like this and I'm listening to the other songs now. Nice Job!

crit mine?
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