Got a Sony Playstation 3 60gb (yes the backwards compatable models) for sale.
Comes with all the cables & a controller.
Looking for £250posted ono.
Trades are accepted as well for pretty much any decent offer (guitars/effects/amps/your sister/anything? lol).

Also I have an xbox 360 20gb premium for sale with all the cables & controller.
I'm looking for about £125~ posted for this.
Again trades would be considered.

Neither has any damage & neither has had their respective lights of doom :P (ylod or rrod) I also have some games though they are on ebay so get in quick
I have an Ibanez RG MIJ white w/ hints of red when hit by light and a Vox VT30 amp for trade. I also have a Boss PH-2 Phaser pedal and a CH-1 Chorus pedal (also Boss). I have the respective power supply and cables needed.

The guitar does have 2 or 3 minor bumps and bruises but nothing major (pics can be provided) and has recently had a set of Elixir strings 'installed' and the amp is pretty much as new, never gigged etc Pedals do not come with boxes or manuals.

I'm interested in the Xbox 360 and if you could post a list of possible games I'd consider them too so give me a pm if your interested.