So we Just booked our first gig, at a hot topic in a local mall, and we were wondering if and how we should use stage monitors, and if there were any cheap alternatives. were just starting out, not much money, so we cant really afford much of anything. we have a B-52 matrix 200 PA and have a couple guitar practice amps laying around. think we could use those? we just need backup vocals to hear themselves, and drummer to hear a little better. we are using 2 of the 5 mic inputs. any help or advice would be appreciated.
for a small place like that dude, monitors arent neccesary really, you should be able to hear yourselfs fine, we did a cd release at an HT and they wont let you crank anything up, i had my recto at about 2 on the master, but the best thing to do, well what i do for my drummer at least at places without monitors, i use an extra guitar cab so he can hear, normally me and my bassist are pretty tight on rythm so he picks it up off that
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