Is it to learn acoustic guitar? I've tried to pick up bass long long ago, so I have a very crude understanding of how a guitar works.

Lately, I've been getting all these great idea's of songs in my head (and I have a basic mastery of reading/writing music) but I can't exactly put it into song without the proper tools. So I've decided to teach myself to play acoustic guitar,

so, those of you guitar junkies/veterans any tips/pointers? Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to the brand of acoustic to pick up that'd be more than welcome.

Please bear in mind that I don't work because I'm just like that and I don't have all that much money (part of the reason why I'm teaching myself after all) but I don't care about that stuff, I just want to make music.

Suggestions, points, advice, anything?
get a job
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^^Let's be a little more constructive, acoustic forum.

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I don't have all that much money

If you give us a price limit, we can make suggestions from there. Also, look through the "How to buy an acoustic" thread, if you haven't done so already.
I like my F335. Get it on sale for $130 if you can. (15% coupons FTW)
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