delonge use the DS/OD from the amp(thats what I read)

to be honest that music doesnt need too much...
just distortion or overdrive
maybe chorus and a compressor
I don't really see what you'd need other than perhaps a distortion or overdrive pedal... I know there's a wah and a tremolo pedal used in 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'... maybe an EQ pedal for solos or an acoustic simulator?
Mi audio crunch box is a great distortion pedal . It will give you what your looking for and has a great amount of gain . great pedal IMO , "boutique" stuff ( true bypass , great quality component ) with a fair price tag ( around 110 $ ) . basically a marshall in a box .

Green day (dookie - insomniac , nimrod , kerplunk , era ) is basically a Duncan Jeff beck humbucker ( sh-4 ) into a marshall hi-gain stack .

the tone of pop punk ( green day , blink 182 , allister , fall out boys ) , skate punk ( nofx , no use for a name , lagwagon ) is generic , theres 100 different set-up possible and get the same sound . but basically its amesa dual rectifier or marshall

To give you an idea of the Mi audio crunch box sound would be ALLISTER , although they dont use that pedal , thats 90 % of the sound youll get with the crunch box
Ill post you 3-4 demo of their song cause imo the crunch box sound very close .



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hope that help . thats the kind of palm muting crunch youll get with the crunch box .

edit: if your talking about "effect" like flanger , reverb , chorus , tremolo etc.. they mostly dont use any ( except boulevard of broken dreams with tremolo .
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