well it's a try at least

Let me try for one last time
I’ll break the wall and shoot the gun
I’m crossing yet another path
Losing sense as time goes by…

Still I want to feel like
Nothing wrong, all is right
I want to think there’s a place
Somewhere out there where people change…

I think I’ve lost all I had
Never asked for what I would get
All I want is just, to in the end,
Find that special place…

Don’t say you never loved me
Those green eyes never could lie
Too bad all those words
Were never said

Oh yeah

Hope you wake up
Hating me
Knowing I was the only one
Ever to have given you so much...

Can’t block you out of my head
I’m losing myself everyday,
Don’t know why the ****
My luck won’t ever change

And I still carry with me
All those long dead memories,
All the times and all the fun
But that was then, today is now

Oh yeah…

Locked inside this little cage
Knowing things won’t go my way
Can’t chase away the pain,
I wish you’d make it go away

Once again…

Hope you wake up
Hating me ,
Knowing I was the only one
Ever to have given you so much

Oh yeah…

Hope one day our paths will meet
And in the moonlight we’ll kiss silently
But that’s a distant dream,
So far away…

Too far…
Oh yeah

Hate me again,
Till the day,
We meet again
Oh yeah…
I loved the atmosphere you managed to create with flow, rhymes and rhythm - great job - I can relate too well to this

As with all lyrics, I'd love to hear this in a context with music
I liked the first 2 stanza's. the 3rd and 4th are decent. Everything after that is all straightforward angst with cliche lines everywhere.. But ok the first 2 stanza's are good