Hi, i bought a peavey vypyr 75w for the last christmas , and everything was going fine untill today morning!
when i woke up I couldn't get my amp turned on, no lights no sound, nothing.... I've tryed to swich power cables ( tryed 3 diferent ones so far..), another guitar cable, diferent power switches and the amp just dont get on...

Any advice?!

Please some help
Check the fuse. It should be close to the power input on the amp. Make sure you know what you're doing though before you start opening it. (Wish I could explain, but I don't know myself)
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I think that's what he meant with "power switches".
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Hey, I had exactly the same problem with my vypyr 75.

The best thing would be to return it to peavey so it can be repaired, it takes about a month but they'll fix it for you.

There's nothing else you can do (unless it's an obvious problem).
Quote by Klabbhaugen74
I think that's what he meant with "power switches".

yeah true.

and yes im new into this guitar world so i dont know how to start opening the amp and changing stuff inside, i could do worse than it already is..

sorry for my ignorance, can you explain me what is the fuse thing, and what it does? :O
A fuse interrupts excessive current (blows) so that further damage by overheating or fire is prevented. Basically if your fuse is broken, there's no circuit between the power input and the amp itself.

If you don't have your manual you can see it here: http://www.audioproducts.com.au/downloadcenter/DOCs/Manuals%5CPeavey%5CVYPYR%20Owner_s%20Manual.pdf

Like I said earlier, I don't know how to do that stuff correctly, so I'd wait for someone who knows a bit more about this stuff to reply. Or you can do some research on your own.

Edit: http://www.ehow.com/how_4795552_change-fuse-guitar-amp.html - This should probably work. Make sure you buy the correct fuse though. Just bring the fuse to your nearest electrics dealer and ask for a new one.
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ok thanks anyway, i must take it to the store where i've purchased it. i just think that it's early to get these problems whit my amp, since its new...
As far as I know, the Peavey Vypyr is well known for its poor fuses

Check the edit on my previous post if you haven't btw.
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yes, but i cannot locate that the fuse wheel that the tuturial says. my peavey in the back it only has 2 entries one for power source and another for a remote switch...

i prefer taking it to the store...

well one month or two without distortion... ouch..
If a fuse has blown then there is something wrong with your amp that caused the fuse to blow. DO NOT replace the fuse until you have properly diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Simply replacing the fuse without fixing what caused the fuse to blow can lead to damage being done to your amp.

I know this thread is quite old now, but just had the same problem.

On my Vypyr 75, the fuse is actually soldered to the main board. Probably so Peavey can make you send it back to repair it. I'll get to this in a minute.

The fuses are susceptible to spikes through the mains, as well as if there is an issue with the amp. A bulb can blow in your house and the back-rush of current can blow the fuse. Replace the fuse, and if it keeps blowing then yes, there may be a problem with the amp.

Now, I think it's a bit cheeky that you have to send the amp back just to repair a fuse. If you're handy with a soldering iron, or know someone who is, then there is a simple fix.

Desolder, or cut out, the old fuse, located in the right-hand corner of the main board, nearest the front of the amp. Buy a solder-in fuse holder and solder it in. Tried to post a link to one, but it wouldn't allow me. Happy to send via PM.

Put in a 20mm x 5mm 1.5A glass fuse, and you're done, all for £3 including 10 replacement fuses. Easy to replace the fuse when it goes, and no sending it off for weeks at a time!

Be aware, this will invalidate your warranty, but if like mine it's out of warranty, then go for it!

Safety: Unplug from mains. Do not work on a live device, or operate it without the cover on. If you're unsure of what you're doing, don't do it!
euan.webster is correct on the fuse holder replacement route. Now if you aren't handy with a soldering iron, look in the Yellow Pages for electronics Repair professionals! Hell, most Guitar Centers have amp tech's for smaller stuff like this.

Go ahead and buy the fuse holder and fuses. (Keep the receipt!)
Take it to a pro and ask him to CHECK the fuse to make sure it is in fact, blown.
Leave him/her the fuse holder and one of the new fuses. He/she will find out quickly if it's just a fuse, or a short of some kind. If just the fuse, you'll probably get whacked for an hour's labor. If it's something more involved, they will usually call you and tell you what the problem is along with an estimate for needed work. You can call other pros and compare rates. You have that right to price check before approving the work. Then it will just cost you his labor and take it elsewhere. Myself personally...I would just let the guy fix it. If he knows the cause more than likely he's familiar with amps in general.

Almost forgot, go to Peavey' s website and look up the Peavey Authorized Service Center! They are just as good and if you live near a city or large town, their might be one close to you! If it's under warranty, they will repair for free. If out of warranty, they are reasonable.All work is Authorized. It's just like you sent it to the factory.
You may have gotten it fixed because this thread is kinda dated....but what I explain will work today. So hopefully someone with the same problem sees this! No you DON'T have to send stuff to Peavey and pay a kings ransom in shipping because Peavey stuff is built like a tank! (My Satriani 2x12 tube combo weighs 96 lbs....LOL)
Sorry for the long post, but it worth it to me if someone can get their gear back sooner w/o all the shipping cost.
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