I bought this second hand a few months ago, and it's a great amp, but I just need something a little more versatile, or with better cleans. Ideally a Vox AC30, but any british voiced amp with good cleans will catch my eye.

There's one thing I'm uncertain about, though. When I crank the amp, it starts to squeal (not 'cause of feedback), but the power output valves were replaced and rebiased at the end of August this year, so I'm not sure what the root of this problem is. However, I highly doubt this is something any amp tech couldn't fix.

I'm NOT looking to sell. Only trade for another valve amp, either a combo or a head depending on what you have. Hit me with your offers. I have up to £200 I could put on top to make up for any difference in value.
Sorry, forgot to mention: I'm looking for something with an effects loop, and it doesn't have to be British voiced (though I think I'd prefer that). But offer anything you have and I'll consider it.
Would you up for trading it for a jcm2000 dsl100?
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I'll have to pass, I tried one before and didn't really like it. Thanks for the offer, though.