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Like the title says, just little parts of songs that don't have a big effect on the song but you love anyway.

Since I'm listening to RHCP right now, I'll start with

Charlie- The guitar part during the chorus
Stadium Arcadium- The backing vocals
Wet Sand- The keyboard part towards the end

Also, Guns N' Roses- This I Love. When the guitar and vocals harmonize in the third chorus.
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Suicide and Redemption

The harmony bit

Mr Brownstone

When Slash hits the bottom strings open after he does the main riff bit... it adds to the energy

You Could be mine

When Duff starts doing triplets during the 'Don't forget to call my lawyers
With ridiculous demands' bit.
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Opeth-Hessian Peel, When the growls start after the first organ pulse
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Stadium Arcadium- The backing vocals

This should just read, ALL RHCP Backing Vocals.

Too bad John had to go and quit though. Sucks.
Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne, off of Tribute, at the end of the song. I love how Randy Rhoads closes the song.

Also any Atreyu song, at the parts where they all yell "Hey"
In know your enemy by Green Day, I love the sorta scream he does during the bridge

In hysteria by Muse, I love the drum in the intro.

And at a show Green Day did in NYC, at the beginning of east jesus nowhere he screamed one, two, three, four in what I believe to be German, and it was just awesome in general.
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The bit in 'In The Air Tonight' by Phil Collins where the drums (after they've been quiet a good few minutes) kick in at the 3.30 on the toms. Heaven!
The bridge (The vocal part and the guitar part) between the second chorus and the following verse from "Salvation" by Chimaira

From Chimaira also inc the bridges in Impending Doom and Down Again

"The Seasons Whither" bridge by Machine Head.. and the following lines "And we pray you end, We pray you suffocate" etc

But Ultimately it has to be the bass drop in "The Medication" by the Haunted
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Speaking of RHCP, I love that part in Readymade

"Aww clean it up, Johnny!" *insanity*
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Yeah I think everyone loves that bit.

The OP did specify parts that don't have a big effect on the overall song. Surely the solo would count as having a big effect?
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Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne

Epic solo and synths.

Also on the topic of RHCP, the acoustic guitar in Slow Cheetah and Desecration Smile.

On a heavier note. The Dual guitaring in Halo by Machine Head
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In Chemo Limo by Regina Spektor, the little bass part in the chorus is really good, but you don't really notice it unless you listen out for it.

I love it, it makes me day.
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The 'Ready Freddie' bit in Crazy Little Thing Called Love and one of the high notes in the Sunshine of Your Love solo always gets me.
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Background guitar melody during the middle section of The Patient - Tool.

Scott Weiland's(STP) "Ohhh ohh yeahhh yeahhh" during the chorus of Dead and Bloated.

The acoustic guitar tone at the beginning of Porcupine Tree - Trains.
The little mini riff in between the intro solo and the main riff in In Flames's December Flower. Always make a little head gesture when that plays
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The last chorus on Beatiful Mourning by Machine Head, the acoustic parts in To Live Is To Die, the calm part in Orion and Suicide & Redemption.

But my absolute favorite headbanger parts is when the main riff kicks in on That Was Just Your Life and Battery, when there's only one guitar and the drums and the bass is quiet.
nickelbacks song "Burn it to the ground", every time they scream "HEY" makes me want to raise my fist and shout it too.

the two near consecutive solos from chreap tricks "i want you to want me" i love the teh treble... and they gave me some. then did it again... only higher *orgasms*
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I'm not a big fan of Hardcore music, but usually when you listen to it on a good sound system, definately has to have subs, there's almost always a huge amount of bass on the first note to start the breakdown.
Stone Temple Pilots 'Lounge Fly' - the sound of the acoustic interlude
Alice In Chains 'Shame In You' - the lead guitar at the end of the song, and the slide riff
Led Zeppelin 'The Rain Song' - the way Jimmy plays the opening G chord
Derek And The Dominos 'Bell Bottom Blues' - the pinch harmonics in the solo
The Black Crowes 'Thorn In My Pride' - the 'high pitched' riff in the chorus
Definately the vocal harmonies in Bleak by Opeth off the Blackwater Park album.
Amazing horse, the "sweet sweet lemonade" part when the horse comes and harmonizes the old man. Epic.
Sylosis - Oath Of Silence

I just love the part where the vocalist screams/whatever he does: But unlike the hand of midas, what you touch will turn to shit. .....

Parts of In Your Words by Lamb Of God I love more than the rest of the song
and parts of End Of The Land by Van Morrison I love more than the rest of the song too
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When Paul swears in Hey Jude.
The part in maggotbrain by funkadelic towards the end, most powerful part of the song for me, hard to describe though.
Also in the gunners dream by pink floyd, the vocal-brass transition after/during the scream.
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Opeth-Hessian Peel, When the growls start after the first organ pulse

Dream Theater - Blind Faith. The piano-only part
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In Blindfolds Aside by Protest The Hero, on the last "drop the gun" part in the bridge thing, just in your right ear there's an overdubbed growl of "drop the gun", and I just love it, but I don't quite know why.
The part where the lyrics briefly stop in "Every Break You Take" and all you hear is the piano playing the same note in an even pattern, and then Sting starts kind of humming over the top of it--it's the "bridge" of the song, I guess.

The bridge in the song "Gasoline" by Audioslave is pretty badass.

The guitar solo in Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower."

And, of course, the repeated delay/distortion riff in the instrumental "Reggatta de Blanc" by the Police. That shit jams.
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Exogenesis Part 2 - Muse

The bit where he starts singing TELL US! TELL US YOUR FINAL WISH!

Love it.
The slow part in Panama by Van Halen, feels like a cozy tourbus driving through the desert at night.
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Any Arch Enemy melody, I get chills... best one was in the latest live DVD 'Tyrants Of The Rising Sun' During 'Silverwing' after the solos. it breaks, then they both harmonise the main melody of the song, It was eargasmic. 3:38
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