I bought this second hand a few months ago, and it's a great amp, but I just need something a little more versatile, or with better cleans. Ideally a Vox AC30, but any british voiced amp with good cleans will catch my eye.

There's one thing I'm uncertain about, though. When I crank the amp, it starts to squeal (not 'cause of feedback), but the power output valves were replaced and rebiased at the end of August this year, so I'm not sure what the root of this problem is. However, I highly doubt this is something any amp tech couldn't fix.

I'm NOT looking to sell. Only trade for another valve amp, either a combo or a head depending on what you have. I'm looking for something with an effects loop, and it doesn't have to be British voiced (though I think I'd prefer that). But offer anything you have and I'll consider it. Hit me with your offers. I have up to £200 I could put on top to make up for any difference in value.
I'm looking at one at the moment but if that falls through what would you say to my JCM900 + £100 cash?
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Hey, I did a bit of research on the JCM900. To be honest, the single channel high-gainness has put me off. I'd really need something with two dedicated channels, or at least a great clean channel. Sorry dude, but thanks for the offer.
I like the clean channel on my jcm2000. It only has 1 eq, but I love it. I'm looking to trade it or sell it atm.

What u think?
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Bump from the dead. Looking for a good clean amp; Vox AC30s, Fender Twins and the like. Willing to put cash/pedals on top, or if it's really good stuff maybe a guitar.
Oh and forgot to mention, the microphonic preamp valve has been replaced - everything works perfectly!
It's the combo.

I'm worried the Blues Jr might not be loud enough for what I need. How much cash would you be willing to put on top?

TBH I don't really mind either way, perhaps come up with a figure you'd like and let me know?


I think I'll leave it for now, Ben, see if something closer to what I need comes up. If not and I'm interestedin, I'll let you know.
Do you still have the Rocker 30 you are looking to trade? I have the most sought after vox AC-15 on the market. I believe the official model is AC-15 TBX. It is the last year they were made in England. It has the Alnico Blue speaker in it. Everything on the amp is original. There have been no modifications made on the amp. It is literally in perfect condition. There are no rips tears or dings in the Tolex. I have taken very good care of this amp. I have seen this particular model sell for $1500 on ebay. I also have a road case with casters that costs $350. It also comes with the amp pedal. The amp also has new tubes that cost over $100. Let me know if your interested.