Is there suck a thing as a tone switch (DIY). I'm thinking like a mini switch where the three positions would be 1) tone knob totally on, 2) tone knob rolled off half way, and 3) tone knob completely off.

Just askin'.

Mostly for Les Paul.
It's possible...but kinda hard to do I guess.
You cold have 3 tone controls and have a switch to choose between them.
But I don't see the point in this.
A tone knob really isnt that hard to turn.

(Maybe it could be hard to grab...but in that case just replace the knobs)
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You'd have to calculate the resistance of the pot at each of these points, then use a 3PDT (I think) to switch between straight to tip of jack, a resistor and cap bleeding to ground for the halfway (250kOhm, probably), then a resistor and cap bleeding to ground for full (500kOhm).

You put this before where your tone pot would usually be, then each resistor and cap set acts like the pot at a certain position.
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Nah, you could do it with an SPDT. I'll wait to see what Jimmy draws up.
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ive got a spdt on-off-on switch. the tone knob is a series circuit with a resistor and a capacitor, and this circuit is in parallel with the volume knob. so basicly run a wire to a capacitor from the input lug of your volume pot, then the other end of the cap to your spdt switch. then one side of the switch gets a resistor with full value (500k ohms) than runs to the ground on the volume pot. the other side of the switch gets a resistor with half value (250k ohms) that runs to the ground of the volume pot. might have to tweak that value a bit.

so then center is bypassed, one side (up in my drawing) is full tone, and other side (down) is half tone.

EDIT: had some issues with file size, so thats a humbucker off to the left.
tone switch2.jpg