i mostly play metal but i got this acoustic for christmas and ive been playing around with it a bit and this is what i came up with. if u think u know how i can improve on it just let me know, im open to ideas. just follow the link to youtube.click this
The melody at the beginning sounds great, I really like the arpeggios you chose, and the chords you use throughout the song. The song definitely sounds like it was written by a metal guitarist, really love the riff at 0:50 or so.

This song would sound great with a second rhythm guitar as you're playing the little embelishments and arpeggios. You have a pretty linear motion in your chords, so maybe try out some counter motion with the second rhythm guitar and try experimenting with different chords, you'd be surprised the kind of atmosphere and depth it can give your songs.

Crit mine?
Honestly being as pretentious as I am I was expecting a chord strum chord sorta thing, and I must say that I'm highly impressed with your song. It sounds both melodious and dark at the same time. I agree with Kurt-Corgan on the point that it would sound much better with a second guitar, even if it's just something simple to provide a bit of backbone to the sound.

I don't know what kind of metal you're into, but I'd like it if you critique my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1260003

Like the medoly of this song, as mentioned feels very dark which is good .

Would be good with some lyrics or second guitar as mentioned. But as a first auco song I think this is ace.

Overall good, didnt get bored and could listen to it many times .

We have a new song just released (rough demo) could you crit us?


Thanks in advance,

thanks for the feedback guys, ill try some of that out. ill definitely check out your songs and give you some suggestions
Nice use of the open strings, it gives it a dark.....yet ambient sound to it. I think the others are right though, it could really use a second guitar filling out the background. Maybe even a little counter-melody.

Good work!!
Great work, I can tell you like to play the acoustic in the same manner as the electric, I like that! Nice full and dark performance. You have a really good style that I admire, alot better performance than I could accomplish! Nicely done!!!
Hey thanks for listening to my song. I'm honestly very impressed with yours. Extremely well played. You skill level and accuracy are fantastic. It just needs some leads played over the main track you play in the vid to really sound incredible. It's got a great flow, which will lend itself well to incorporating some additional melodies. I personally prefer to use pauses here and there. I like to take a momentary break from the rhythm every now and then, and then resume the rhythm. But if it feels natural to keep it as a continuous flow, do it. Being natural is number 1.

Great job, and keep em coming!
fvcking awesome song man!

This is really a "metal acoustic" song...it has a pretty nice dark vibe. I liked the first riff the most I guess. The riff @0:53 could very well be played with distortion, maybe to extend the song, you could add a heavy part somewhere, with that riff, and some drums.

Anyway, C4C?

Mine has a little acoustic part as well, you might like it
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