So, after reading so many threads asking for advice, it is finally my turn.

My main amp is my HRD, which I keep at my house. I currently have a Vox DA5 that lives at the GF's place. I like it to some degree, but am really a tube slut at heart so now that I have a little $$ I would like to get a small tube amp to replace it. The only thing I would miss would prehaps be the battery feature of the Vox, but thats it. To me, the effects were more gimmics than anything I really used, so that will be ok.

Originally, I was drooling over the Champ 600, a back to basics thing. Then I saw the Vibro Champ XD, which I really liked cosmetically but once I found out it employs a degree of modeling it turned me off. Then, last week, I was at GC (I only go a few times a year, it is about 45 mins away) I saw the Bugera V5 for like $150 and since I have read a lot on UG and elsewhere about it I now think this might be the one.

My first problem would be what to do with the Vox. I could wait to sell it either here or on CL, but that would take time. OR, I could trade it in but would be lucky to get $40-50 for it at GC. If I took advantage of the 15% trade credit offer they have it might be worth it, but I'll have to figure this one out.

So, being as I like mostly blues, rock, and not too much heavy stuff (but sometimes do) I have a choice to make. My strat is my main guitar.

What would you do?

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I've heard from many people on here, that Bugera have very low quality control, and that they frequently break down, but apart from that it sounds like a good deal.
The champ 600 is ideal for home practicing, but you would need to get an eq pedal. The bugera may be worth it though, because after the 15% off plus you trade in it would only cost like $80 bucks.
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The Valve Junior replaced my DA 20. No contest really. Plug in a few pedals and it's all over for the Vox.
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