We rehearse in an official rehearsal room, mentioning no names. Basically we can't hear each other because there's a solid brick wall with no acoustic treatment so all the instruments just seem to bounce off that and merge into white noise.

We're gonna take some old duvets down in the hope that will reduce the problem, but does anyone know if there is an ideal way of setting up your instruments or is there an ideal way we shold be positioning the amps etc in order for the sound to flow rather than clashing?

I know the obviouse answer would be move to another rehearsal rooms...but this is the lesser of 2 evils, at least we have a fully working PA in this one.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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turn your amps down for starters
then boost your mids and cut the bass to make your sound more defined.
Put all the amps/speakers/cabinets behind the drummer, and have them all facing the same direction. That way, the sound is all going in one direction, and the sound isn't bouncing around as much.
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