Me and my boyfriend (youtube: vaksengutakvalp) playing the intro riff to Burning Angel by Arch Enemy. Bear in mind that he has only been playing the cello for a few weeks.

Comments are always welcome!

Guitar gear:
Samick Blue
Axe-FX Standard (not mine)

Cello: A borrowed really cheap one.
Was about to write that I couldn't find it in your profile, but I see it's in your youtube link.

The intro sounded a bit rough, not gonna lie. The cello is an incredibly hard instrument because unlike the guitar, it has a very steep learning curve. It can take 2 years a lot of times to even just get what would be considered a good tone, so I give props to the male player for being able to play this in just a few weeks. Guitar likely helped him get the hang of it faster, but it's still a completely different game.

The guitar held it's own, good job on that. I think if you two kept practicing you could definitely get a lot better. It's pretty obvious on quite a few parts that the cello is anywhere from a quarter tone to a half step off, but all in all you can get the jist of it. Once again, very impressive for playing just a few weeks.

I'm mainly responding here because I've had a fascination with guitar-cello collaborations for a little while haha. Their ranges are very similar, and acoustically they sound quite nice together. If you feel like checking out either of my two guitar/cello collaborations and commenting, please feel free:


Not quite as metal as yours, but see what you think. The Rise Against one is really the only one that was really practiced haha.
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