I'm back to square one, looking for a decent distortion pedal (tube based preferably, one running at decent voltages, not one of these gimmick + an LED ones). I'm deciding between the Blackstar HT-Dual (the clean/crunch/lead thing plus the emulated output is enticing) and the EHX English Muff'n so far, would be welcome to other suggestions. I was all but set on the Muff'n (for price mainly) until a HT-Dual popped up at a reasonable price.

My amp is a Bugera 333XL, I mainly want one of these pedals so when I'm away from home on uni holidays and stuff I've got something to plug into the crappy little amp back home that'll make it playable, but also wouldn't mind something a little different for my 333XL, like running the Big Muff into a distortion to get a Frusciante-like tone, using it as a boost/OD, or even recording into a computer.

That pedal sounds really good actually, I'll definitely consider that one if I can get a hold of one over here in Australia. A little pricier than the others I was looking at (I found used-but-still-great-condition ones at some pretty nice prices) but will keep an eye open.

Any more suggestions/thoughts on the Muff'n/Plextortion/HT-Dual?