I'm looking to buy a fuzz. I already have the EHX Big Muff, but I need an Hendrix type of fuzz.
I love the Fuzz Face but I'm really not sure I'll like to run it on batteries.
So I'm looking for a germanium fuzz that has an AC adaptor. I can spend up to 200 $ CDN with shipping. I'd like to buy from ToneFactor since the shipping is really cheap.

What is the main difference between silicon and germanium ? I checked out the MXR classic 108 but I'm not crazy about it. I love the MJM London but again no AC
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Not too sure about the silicon/germanium thing, but have you looked at the Fuzz Factory pedals by Zvex?
No I have not. I'll check it out and give feedback!

Edit: It's $100 too expensive
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The Retroman Lola is the best fuzz unit I've ever heard, and it gives you very vitage-like tones. They're hand built in England and as I understand, they build each one only when they're ordered, so it'll take a while to get one, but trust me, they're damn worth it.

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You know that's a positive center ac pedal, right? It can't use just a regular power cord, the cord has to have a special adaptor to make it positive center. That's what germanium fuzzes use.

What would happen if I'd use a regular power adaptor

"The pedal is wired for positive ground and therefor can not be daisy chained the recommended adapter for the germanium London would be the Boss PSA type 9 volt negative center pin."

What is that boss PSA ?
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That is the best fuzz I've ever heard.
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