helloo PPl -- just im thinkin 'bout cover all my classical guitar with sticker -- or paint it - ? does it ruin it? or its okay?
I don't like the look myself, but I guess it's just personal taste. Don't know if it does a lot to your tone really.
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on a nylon string it might mess with the wood's resonation a little, don't really know though, so dont listen to me
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hahaha -- not backstreet boys its michael jackson sticker !!-- .. idont think it would make anything bad for the guitar sound--!!? would IT?

OT: A sticker here and there on an acoustic won't do much, if anything at all.
PLASTERING it, on the other hand, with kill your tone, especially on a classical/nylon string guitar, as someone mentioned above.
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The shop clerk, when I bought my guitar, told me never to put stickers or paint it, it'll just look ugly overall and over time it will look even more ugly as the sticker/pain fades/ gets scratched or torn off or w/e :x
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there's a lot of misinformation here, except for otp. yes, putting a sticker on an acoustic guitar will hurt the sound as they wood won't be able to vibrate as freely and the area the sound resonates from will be covered. if you care about sound at all, put the stickers on your case. if sound isn't that important to you, put the sticker on your guitar.

naturally it will hurt the finish if you decide to take off the sticker - or paint. and depending on the sticker's adhesive and how it works with the guitar's finish, the sticker could start peeling off at the edges at some point.
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his guitar is supposed to sound raunchy - he's not going for quality sound, and since he's mic'ed, he doesn't need volume.
Yeah, your going to take more of a hit with it being a classical guitar than an electric guitar.
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