I'm looking to add a guitar for heavier uses. I'm looking to get back into playing modern metal just for some more variety. I have a Mesa Triple Rectifier to play into. My budget is $1500 CAD. I've had several low level LTD guitars in the past and loved them to death but they were still just cheap $300 guitars. I've been looking at: ESP EC II, Schecter Tempest Custom, ESP Phoenix II, and Jackson RR5. I love the Les Paul shape on the EC, but I hate the EMG pickups, so pickup selection is not a big factor since they're quite simple to change. Cheers

1500$ is quite a budget.

I have a jackson RR3 and I love it (except the FR).

But I also love ESP's/

you need to go to your nearest guitar dealer and just pick ones upthat seem to intrest you.and then decide from the ones you really liked!

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I can suggest looking into the higher end Ibanez S or SV series models. They'll have the more rounded neck that I think you're looking for and will play really smoothly.
Most people will probably tell you to go with Jackson, out of the guitars youve listed. Me personally, I say go with the Phoenix
There is no such thing as a "metal" guitar unless it is actually made from iron,steel,uranium ect ect.

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^Yeah that Dave Murray plays/played on a strat and Jim Root plays with a tele (and christina scabbia).

Anyway back to topic need some more info to help you find the guitar

What type of bridge?
How many frets?
What type of neck joint?
What pickup layout?
What woods?
Anything else?
Quote by Bhaok
There is no such thing as a "metal" guitar unless it is actually made from iron,steel,uranium ect ect.


I use a squier strat for metal and it plays it fine
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