I am looking for a guitar multi-effects pedal, and i was wondering which one is the best?
I've had my eye on the boss me-70 guitar multi-effects pedal. And it has a staggering amount of effects....

Effective Effects

-Preamp - This is your section of amp models, with dedicated equalization and volume/gain stages.

-Compression/FX - Here you can adjust compression, or instead use some of the Boss special effects like their lauded Slow Gear. Online auction sites have the original Slow Gear going for the price of this unit alone (if you can even find one.)

-Overdrive/Distortion - A selection of grit boxes, all derived from actual Boss pedals.

-Modulation - A comprehensive selection of mods, also including a smart Harmonizer.

-Delay - Boss delays never disappoint, and this is no exception.

-Reverb - A single knob lets you go from Room to Hall and everywhere in between.

-Pedal FX - Volume, Wah, Whammy-type effects, and even delay level can be controlled with this sweep.

Is this any good? Can i get better with more pre-amps and effect?

Thanks =]
I'd say that the Me-70 definitely has a great value-for-money -ratio when compared to competing products by companies like Digitech and Line6. And, it sounds fantastic, like everything in the Me-range.

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i have de me70, its a good multieffects procesor but the quality isnt the best, but in hte other hand the zooms, digitech and line 6 that compite with it arent better, soo if youre not going to a buy a pod x3 live or a gt10, buy the me70, it has all you will need, the phase loop is great
The GT-10, is awesome, but I don't know if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.
I'm currently working on a system to generate MIDI from the motion of a guitar. More info coming soon.