Posted this in the wrong forum before but here goes...

So I'm looking to mod my telecaster a bit and am looking at different types of pickguards.

My question regards the difference between these two types; mirror and polished aluminium.

Is the difference this...

MIRROR: will be made like a bathroom mirror, for example, which is a sheet of reflective material with some kind of glass acrylic on top to protect it. Whereas...

POLISHED ALUMINIUM: will be a sheet of shiny/reflective aluminium. Perhaps won't be as reflective or glossy looking as the mirror would but would still act like a mirror but is just made of metal instead of being a glass/acrylic cover of something shiny.

I'm leaning towards polished aluminium at the moment as I think it will look classier (and be easier to keep smudge free) and just wanted to check what the difference is. Looking at pictures online it is hard to see what they really look like. Indeed if anyone has some of their own pictures so I could compare I would be very grateful.

Thank you,

I recently bought this and it has a 1-ply polished aluminium pickguard. Coupled with the black finish it shows up fingerprints more than anything in the world ever, and if you have awful technique like me it'll show you where you've been resting your wrist from time to time! Personally I say match the finish of your neck pickup though.
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