I once exported a guitar pro tab to midi and then loaded it into Ableton live.
All the midi was mapped out, bpm and time signature would all be right and
i could just put instruments on them and i had a nice backingtrack.

But for some reason Ableton won't do it anymore. I export my guitar pro tab
to a midi file, then i load it in to ableton. I get all the diffrent tracks with their names
right but there is NO midi mapped out

Can anybody solve my problem?
That's pretty strange. I've never had an issue with that (other than drum notes being charted differently). Try exporting each track separately instead of everything in one shot (is that possible?)

If you'd like, link me to the gp file and I'll try to do it myself and see what's up. I'll be done with defensive driving (woo!) In two hours so take your time. .
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Thanks for your response!

I tried it again and this time it worked fine. I don't understand what's causing the problem though.

And yeah it's pretty annoying that the drum notes are charted differently!
Just swap places of samples in drum kit when notes are charted differently. easy fix