So yesterday I was perusing the used guitars at guitar center like i often do, and i came across an interesting acoustic. ive been looking for a new acoustic for a while now, but havent really found one i like/could afford at the time. well this guitar catches my eye because there is quite a bit of inlay work going on. played it, and not bad. however, i have never heard of Songbird guitars and the information i can find on them is minimal. the model is SB557 AE, and i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the brand/model. i found that Songbird at one point was made in the US, but then moved to being made in china. i did note that the inside of the guitar had something that said hand made in China, so i know where it was made. other than that, almost nil.

so anyone have any experience with these guitars or have heard anything? i may go pick it up later if i cant find anything bad about them.

heres a pic of the guitar from my camera phone:

thanks for any help